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April 13, 2021

Press Release

ew Economic Development Director Introduced

Samantha Markman, whose hiring was approved at the March 23 board meeting, introduced herself to the board. Markman last served as the economic development coordinator for the City of Faribault. To read the news release on Markman’s hiring, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

Board Recognizes Public Health Staff

The board took time to recognize the profound work of the county’s Public Health Department over the last year-plus. Some of Public Health’s work has included partnering with other county departments and community organizations to set up quarantine locations for those who didn’t have a safe place to isolate following a COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis; providing supplies, transportation and other guidance and resources to those affected by COVID-19; maintaining a website with vital Anoka County COVID-19 statistics; offering infection control information to businesses; and they have played in integral role in the deployment of COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

Board Recognizes Emergency Communications Staff

The board commended Anoka County Emergency Communications staff for their work. This recognition was made as part of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, which this year is April 11-17. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

April 11-17 is Severe Weather Awareness Week 

Scott Schulte, chair, Anoka County Board of Commissioners, reminded the public that April 11-17 is also Severe Weather Awareness Week. This week is designed to refresh, remind, and educate everyone about the seasonal threats from severe weather and how to avoid them. It’s also a great time to make and practice emergency plans and to build or refresh emergency preparedness kits. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

Part-time Positions Combined at License Centers

Two sets of part-time positions were combined to create full-time positions at the county’s license centers. This action was taken to create stability at the license centers. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

Engineer to Negotiate Sale of County Property

The board adopted a resolution that authorizes the county engineer to negotiate terms of the City of Ramsey’s purchase of county-owned land. Anoka County was approached by the City of Ramsey regarding the City’s desire to purchase a portion of the county’s property, as part of the city’s long-term goals of expanding Riverdale Drive to provide increased safety and mobility for Highways 10/169, and to provide access to a new development occurring on the south side of Highway 10. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

Parks Capital Improvement Budget Amended to Accept $500,000

The board approved amending the Parks 2021 capital improvement budget, increasing it by $500,000, to reflect additional funding for the design of the Rice Creek North Regional trail in Circle Pines. During the 2020 State Legislative sessions, the Legislature passed a bonding bill that includes $500,000 for the design and engineering of the Rice Creek North Regional Trail in Circle Pines. While this was in the Anoka County Parks Department’s 10-year forecast plan, it was outside of the county’s 5-yeaer budget process. As a result, the Parks Department had to amend its 2021 CIP to include this funding for 2021. For more information on this item, click HERE

Parks Director Details Bunker Beach Plan for 2021 Season

Anoka County Parks Director Jeff Perry provided the board with some information about the 2021 schedule at Bunker Beach Water Park in Coon Rapids. For health and safety reasons amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bunker Beach will have reduced capacity limits for the 2021 season, with two sessions per day. A morning/early afternoon session will be capped at 550 participants, as will the afternoon/early evening session. Cardio club, which usually allows 160 participants, will allow 130 this year, to allow for social distancing. Other COVID-19 safety measures will also be implemented at the water park. Bunker Beach will open for the season June 6. To watch the video on this item, click HERE.

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