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February 23, 2021

Press Release

Board Reclassifies Economic Development Position

Following the departure of Anoka County’s economic development specialist, the board reclassified the job as an economic development director position. The economic development specialist position was created in 2018, and over the last several years, the position has grown significantly, and the work being performed has had a tremendous impact on the growth of the community in Anoka County –– these factors led to the reclassification. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE.

New Positions Approved for Employee Relations

Due to the high volume of work being handled by the county’s Employee Relations department, the board approved the addition of five new positions –– two business analysts, one master data analyst, and two employee relations consultants. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE.

Transportation Items Approved

Several transportation items were approved, including a resolution of support for Linwood Township’s local road improvement program (LRIP) grant application for the Martin Lake Road improvement project, and a similar resolution of support for Nowthen’s LRIP grant application for the reconstruction of 185th Avenue NW and Jasper Street NW. For more information on these items, click HERE.

Board Authorizes U.S. Department of Justice Grant Application

The board authorized the county to apply for and accept the Second Chance Act Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Parents and their Minor Children Program from the U.S. Depatment of Justice. This grant of up to $300,000 would help Anoka County facilities create child-friendly spaces and increase safety for children who are visiting incarcerated parents, and it would also be used to implement strategies that strengthen the relationships between incarcerated parents and their children. For more information on this item, click HERE.

Opioid Crisis Grant Accepted

The board accepted funds for the National Health Emergency Dislocated Worker Grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). The grant total is for $360,000. The primary focus of this grant funding will be to hep individuals affected by the opioid crisis through integrated career exploration, employment, reemployment and training, on-the-job training and support services. For more information on this item, click HERE.

DNA Backlog Grant Approved

The board approved the execution of the DNA Capacity Enhancement for Backlog Reduction Program Grant between the Office of Justice Programs and Anoka County. The grant fund will enhance the capabilities of the Midwest Regional Forensic Laboratory’s Biology Section and assist in reducing the time required to complete DNA requests for services. For more information on this item, click HERE.

Donation from Federal Premium Ammunition Accepted

The board accepted a donation to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office of 283 cases of 9mm blanks, 437 cases of 556 simunitions, 69 cases of 9mm simunitions and a box of simunition rifle bolts to convert live rifles into simulation firing rifles. These donations will be used for training purposes for the Sheriff’s Office. For more information on this item, click HERE.

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