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September 14, 2021

Press Release

Longtime Employees Recognized

Employees who have worked at the county for 30 and 35 years were recognized by the board for their service. To watch the presentation, click HERE.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

The board recognized September as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and invited Denise Kirmis, manager of Anoka County Behavioral Health and Adult Services, to talk about suicide prevention and resources available in Anoka County. To watch the presentation, click HERE.

Workforce Development Month Recognized

The board also recognized September as Workforce Development Month. Nicole Swanson, director of the Anoka County Job Training Center, spoke about the importance of workforce development in Anoka County, and she also noted the CareerForce Center in Blaine has many resources for residents who are looking for new employment or who are seeking to build their skills to advance their careers. To watch the presentation on this item, click HERE.

County Acquires Hodgson Road Property for Development

Anoka County and the City of Lino Lakes determined the area of Hodgson Road and County Road J/Ash Street in Lino Lakes needs improvements to accommodate the proposed Lyngblomsten senior community development. Improvements to the intersection will require acquisition of right-of-way to allow for the new alignment of the intersection. The property owner has expressed interest in selling the parcel. The cost of this acquisition will be split between Anoka County and Ramsey County. For more information on this item, click HERE. 

Traffic Signal Painting Approved

The board approved a signal painting project at several intersections around the county. The price of this maintenance has been steadily dropping over years –– when new signals are installed, material is used that requires no painting. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE.

Grant Accepted for Enhanced Mobility for Seniors, Residents with Disabilities

The board accepted a Transit Coordination Assistance Project grant agreement to implement transportation services for enhanced mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities. The grant amount is $120,000 with a 20 percent local match of $30,000, which is allotted in the 2021 transit budget. For more information on this item, click HERE.

Thirteen Percent of Grant Returned for Bunker Beach

In 2019, the Board approved a Met Council Parks and Trail Legacy funding agreement for the Bunker Beach infrastructure project in the amount of $1,002,395.80. That amount was decreased by 13 percent last year in anticipation of reduced revenues due to COVID-19. The State has since determined that the 13 percent reduction was not necessary and is releasing those funds. $220,676 will be allocated to the Bunker Beach Infrastructure Improvements Project Grant Agreement. For more information on this item, click HERE. 

Agreement Established for Maintenance of Off-Road Bike Track

The board authorized a memorandum of understanding with Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists for the maintenance of 3.5 miles of single-track trail, which is to be constructed within the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve. For more information on this item, click HERE. 

County Health Care Rates Approved

The board approved 2022 self-insured health care insurance plan rates for benefit-eligible employees. For more information on this item, click HERE.

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