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July 27, 2021

Press Release

July 27 Proclaimed County Staff Appreciation Day 

The board proclaimed July 27 County Staff Appreciation Day. This was a recognition of all county staff statewide, as Governor Walz chose July 27 to acknowledge the exemplary efforts of county staff, particularly during the pandemic. Anoka County has 1,800 full-time staff, over 100 regular part-timers, and in excess of 400 employees work for the county seasonal basis. Over the course of the pandemic, Anoka County staff stepped up their efforts to provide professional, timely service delivery. To watch the presentation on this item, click HERE. 

‘Love Where you Live’ Campaign Introduced

Commissioner Scott Schulte, chair, Anoka County Board of Commissioners, briefly introduced Anoka County’s newest campaign: Love Where you Live. . The idea of this campaign is to encourage our residents to shop, work and enjoy recreation activities in our county –– in essence to support and love where they live. Supporting our local communities is always important, but it’s especially vital now, when so many businesses are still struggling to rebound from the pandemic. Anoka County, through this campaign, will certainly be taking the opportunity to remind people about the importance of investing in where they live. To watch the presentation on this item, click HERE.

Agreement Entered for Highway 10 Improvements

Anoka County entered into a professional services agreement amendment as a sub-client with the City of Anoka for professional services related to the proposed interchange improvement on U.S. Highway 10/169 at the intersection of West Main Street, Fairoak and Thurston avenues in the City of Anoka. For more information on this item, click HERE. To watch the video on this item, click HERE. 

New Jail Management, Warrants, Civil Process Software Purchased 

The board approved a purchase of services agreement with Charter Services for new Jail Management, Warrants, and Civil Processes Software with for the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. The county’s current software is functionally obsolete and does not meet current needs and standards. Charter Solutions will draft a request for proposal for the replacement of the software utilizing outside resources as necessary to ensure an appropriate vendor is selected to provide replacement software. For more information on this item, click HERE.

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